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Playing The Angel

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Après l'intimité feutrée d'Exciter en 2001, Depeche Mode renoue avec ses origines en dégainant un album à l'électro survitaminée, exhibant des rythmes rapides, et des chansons tubesques qui rappellent les plus grandes heures du groupe.


Playing The Angel Era

date de sortie

lundi 17 octobre 2005


Mute Records




Ecrit par Martin Gore, exceptés "Suffer Well", "I Want It All" et "Nothing's Impossible", écrit par Dave Gahan, Christian Eigner et Andrew Phillpott


Produit par Depeche Mode et Ben Hillier pour 140db


Enregistré au Sound Design, Santa Barbara, assisté par Nick Sevilla, Stratosphere Sound Studios, New York, assisté par Arjun Argerwala et Rudyard Lee Cullers, Whitfield Street Studios, Londres, assisté par Devin Workman et Kt Rangnick. Programmation par Dave McCracken et Richard Morris. Programmation originale sur Chansons "I Want It All", "Suffer Well" et "Nothing's Impossible" par Christian Eigner et Andrew Phillpott. Ingénieurs du son : Ben Hillier et Richard Morris. Piano sur "I Want It All" - Dave McCracken.


Mixé aux Whitfield Street Studios, London. Mixé par Steve Fitzmaurice et Ben Hillier. Mastering par Emily Lazar à The Lodge, New York. Assisté de Sarah Register.

artwork & photographie

Anton Corbijn, Four 5 One

dans l'histoire

The thing I remember most about the recording of Playing the Angel was that 7/7 [July 7, 2005, bombings in London] happened. The band were recording in the West End, in the center of it all. I said, “Do you want to take a couple of days off?” They just said, “No, let’s get on with it.”

I think it was a really important record for the band—not necessarily because it had the big hits on it. Playing the Angel was the first record they worked on with Ben Hillier, who’s subsequently done the last three records with them, and that has proved a really productive experience—for Martin, and for me. With Martin, some of the best things he’s done come when he’s pushed—things like the guitar riff in “Enjoy the Silence” came at the last minute. I wanted someone in the studio to push him, to get the very best out of him, and I think Ben has done and has continued to do a great job with that. It’s very important, because if Martin is allowed to drift, he’ll disengage a little from the process. Not so much now, but at that time. He’ll do the bit that he enjoys doing, which is the song, but when it came to just getting that extra five per cent out of the track, he needs to be pushed. And that was my goal for that record, was to get somebody to do that.

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Playing The Angel

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291 Angleterre, 2005


290 Europe, 2005


292 Europe, 2005

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Playing The Angel

Afrique du Sud

2013 CDCOL7494 5"CD Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd

2013 CDCOL7494 5"CD Sony Records


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